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BMW EVO iDrive 5.0 Multimedia Rear/Front Camera Interface
BMW EVO iDrive 5.0 Multimedia Rear/Front Camera Interface 
Prod. ID: SKU4102

Price: £399.98

Add Rear Camera
Add Front Camera
Add Wireless HDMI Smartphone Mirroring Module
Add HDMI Input for Digital Smartphone Mirroring
Add Additional AV inputs and Video Output
Add Digital TV Tuner
Add Car DVD Player with USB/SD (3/4 size din)



Opel Mokka X

BMW EVO iDrive 5.0 Multimedia Interface with Front/Rear Camera and Multimedia Video integration.

The Xcarlink Multimedia interface provides Rear/front camera and allows external video sources to be integration to the factory BMW EVO iDrive 5 system (from 2017 onwards)   

The interface also provides seamless rear and front camera integration which automatically switches to display the camera image on  also displays dynamic parking guidelines ( showing the predicted path that the vehicle will take based on the position of the steering wheel).   It also supports Picture in Picture (PIP) function, which allows the original PDC and rear camera can be viewed on the screen at the same time. The PIP also allows the external video source to be displayed together with the original display, for example a split screen showing both OEM Navigation and the selected video source.  

With the optional HDMI input a smartphone can be connected to the interface via a HDMI cable which would allow the smartphone to be mirrored on your factory fitted screen.   Giving you access to all of your  music, video's, web browser, messages etc,  as well as all your favorite apps such as YouTube , Spotify, Google Maps, Waze and any other app on your smartphone.  Screen mirroring is provided by connecting a HDMI digital out cable from your smartphone to the interface or alternatively via the optional wireless smartphone mirroring module.

Switching to connected video inputs and adjusting the screen format of the display within the vehicles virtual cockpit instrument cluster is performed through the original steering wheel controls.


  • Watch any video source on your BMW EVO iDrive 5 screen
  • 1 x Composite Video Input / Front Camera input 
  • Optional AV extension provides 2 x Composite Video inputs and Video output for rear screen entertainment
  • Dedicated Rear view camera input - automatic switching when in reverse gear.  (rear view camera option can be switched off if not installing a rear camera or if the vehicle is equipped with an OEM camera) 
  • Dynamic Parking guidelines which move in accordance to the position of the steering wheel
  • Supports "Picture in Picture"  - View the external video source along side the existing navigation display. Also works with the reverse camera input by allowing you to view the parking sensor display together with the camera input. Select Picture in Picture mode via the idrvive controller
  • Optional HDMI input for digital smartphone mirroring (Via HDMI cable) or can be used in conjunction with our wireless smartphone mirroring (Via HDMI or composite connection)
  • Customizable on screen menu system for screen adjustment, parking guidelines etc. which can be accessed through the included remote or via the iDrive controls.
  • Switch between original display and video inputs via the original iDirve 'MENU'  button.
  • Automatic front camera activation with programmable display time (via the on screen setup menu)  Font Camera 60/40 Split view via iDrive controls
  • Switch between original display and video inputs using the original steering wheel buttons.
  • Video in Motion - for connected video sources, NO Programming Required!
  • Plug and Play installation 


Included with the kit:

      Xcarlink iDrive 5.0 Multimedia video interface

      Plug and Play Connection cable

      Video input and Camera input cables

      Remote control to accesss the interface's initial on screen setup menu.

      Installation Manual



This interface is designed for video only. For audio, you will need to connect the video source directly to your AUX input.


Compatible with the BMW iDrive 5.0 (Non touch screen) system with the icon based graphical user interface including the following vehicles:   

1 Series (F52) 2016 Onwards
2 Series (F22/F23/F45/F46) 
2016 Onwards
3 Series (F30/F31) 2016 Onwards
4 Series (F32/F33/F36) 2016 Onwards
5 Series (F10) 2016 Onwards
6 Series (F06) 2016 Onwards
M Series F87/F80/F83 2016 Onwards
X1 (F48) 2016 Onwards
X3 (F25) 2016 Onwards
X4 2016 Onwards

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