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XCarLink » VAUXHALL/OPEL »  Vauxhall/Opel R4.0 IntelliLink Multimedia/Rear Camera Interface Mokka X/Corsa 2016>

Vauxhall/Opel R4.0 IntelliLink Multimedia/Rear Camera Interface Mokka X/Corsa 2016>
 Vauxhall/Opel R4.0 IntelliLink Multimedia/Rear Camera Interface Mokka X/Corsa 2016> 
Prod. ID: SKU148558

Price: £299.99

Add Number Plate Light Rear Camera
Add Wireless Smartphone Mirroring Module
Add Digital TV Tuner
Add Car DVD Player with USB/SD (3/4 size din)
Add Additional AV inputs and Video Output
Add SatNav (GPS) Module with OE Touch Screen Control



Opel Mokka X

Multimedia Interface/Rear Camera Interface for Vauxhall/Opel with R 4.0 IntelliLink /Mylink

Integrate a rear view camera or any video input to the factory fitted screen on the 2016> Vauxuall/Opel R 4.0 7" IntelliLink /Mylink System.

Once connected, the video inputs will give you the option to add a range of Multimedia devices such as Smartphone Mirroring (view your smartphone on your factory fitted screen) Digital TV, DVD player, Play video/audio files from a USB flash drive etc

It provides seamless rear camera integration which automatically switches to display the camera image on the factory display when the reverse gear is engaged and also displays dynamic parking guidelines (which shows the predicted path that the vehicle will take based on the position of the steering wheel) The original optical parking sensors are also retained and displayed with the rear camera.


     Watch any video source on your original factory fitted screen.

     Rear view camera input - automatic switching when in reverse gear.

     Dynamic Parking guidelines which move in accordance to the position of the steering wheel

   Retains original parking sensors - displayed with the rear camera image.

  External Video Input -Connect any device to your factory screen such as Smarpthone Mirroring, Ditgital TV, TV tuner etc .  

      Switch between original display and video inputs via the original steering wheel buttons.

   Optional AV extension to add 2 x further Video inputs and video output for rear headrest monitors.

      Video in Motion - for connected video sources


Included with the kit:

      Xcarlink Multimedia video interface

      Video input cable  (Ribbon Connector) and Daughter board

      Plug and Play power harness

      Video input and Camera input cables

      Installation Manual


Installation involves connecting a video cable behind the screen and connecting a ribbon cable into the screen for the video signal.  


This interface is designed for video only. For audio, you will need to connect the video source directly to your AUX input.


Compatible with the following Models with the standard factory 7" display:  

      Vauxhall/Opel  Mokka X  2016 Onwards 

      Vauxhall/Opel  Corsa 20016 Onwards

      Vauxhall/Opel  Adam 2016 Onwards

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