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BMW Easy Entry/Exit drivers seat Module for BMW F
BMW Easy Entry/Exit drivers seat Module for BMW F 
Prod. ID: SKU16678

Price: £199.99



The BMW Easy Entry/Exit Interface is an add on modules which will upgrade your BMW F10 with an all important feature which is not available as a factory option.  

(1) When the ignition it turned off the drivers seat will automatically move back allowing you to easily exit the vehicle (Memory position #1)
(2) When you re-enter the vehicle and turn on the ignition the drivers seat automatically moves to the most comfortable driving position (Memory position #2)

The exact seat positions required can be programmed by setting them using the normal procedure to position "1" (exist position)  and "2"  (driving position). This feature can easily be enabled and disabled via the  iDrive controller.

Installation of the interface involves connecting the module behind the heater vent or under the seat (depending on model)  full step-by step installation instructions are provided, it is safe to install and will not interfere with your original system in any way.  

Features as follows:
  • Automatically adjust seat position to allow the driver to easily enter and exit the vehicle. 
  • Seat positions programmed to memory position #1 and #2 .  #1 is the entry/exist potion and #2 is the driving position.
  • Automatic activation of seat position #1 and #2 with the ignition.
  • The entry system can be easily disabled and enabled via the idrive controller 
  • Integrates with the Vehicles CAN bus for seamless OEM standard of operation.
  • Full installation instructions provided

BMW F10 (5 Series) - 2010-2012
BMW F20 (1 Series) - 2011 Onwards
BMW F30 (3 Series) - 2011 Onwards
BMW F32 (4 Series) - 2012 Onwards

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