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DVB-T 1080 Digital TV Tuner including ADSC-450 antennas
DVB-T 1080 Digital TV Tuner including ADSC-450 antennas 
Prod. ID: SKU2579-2

Price: £229.99



Watch Digital TV anywhere you go in your car with the DVB-T 1080 Digital TV Tuner. This great value digital tuner is supplied with dual amplified window mount antennas for superior reception, especially when on the move. It is perfect for use with our multimedia video interfaces.
  • 1 AV Input
  • 3 Video Outputs
  • 1 Audio Output
  • USB Support
  • Remote Eye
  • Auto Frequency Switch
  • Dimensions: 150 x 110 x 40mm
Includes the ADSD-450 T-Bar antenna
  • T-bar Di-pole
  • 5V Active antenna
  • 5m flexible cable
  • F-Connector
  • Band pass 174 - 240MHz
  • 470 - 862MHz
  • Directivity 3dB
  • Internal amplified gain 17dB typ.
  • Antenna gain 10-12dBi typ.

Note: As digital television requires a good signal, the amount of channels available and reception quality will vary depending on the strength of the signal and the landscape of the area you are in. Unlike with analogue TV where a weak signal might give a poor but watchable picture, with digital it is all or nothing. Generally speaking in a good signal area a decent selection of channels will be available when stationary but reception on the move can be variable. The antennas which we supply have been tested at high speeds of up to 70mph+.

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